To protect citizens and our safety net

consumer protectionHis freshman year in the House, David hit the ground running by playing a key role in drafting parts of the landmark Foreclosure Fairness Act that provided bank-financed housing counseling and mediation to Washington homeowners in financial distress. He was also one of the key architects of House Bill 2078, which would have ended a significant tax loophole for interest on first mortgages held by major out of state banks.

David fought for low income renters by passing Fair Tenant Screening Act and for the homeless by passing the landmark Homeless Student Outcomes Bill – the first piece of legislation in Washington State specifically targeted at tracking and providing more services to the 30,000 homeless students across in our public schools. He also advocated strongly for a permanent extension of a critical fee that funds over 60 percent of our state’s homelessness prevention programs.

He advocates for strengthening Working Connections which helps low income working mothers and fathers with child care so that they can get on their feet.

He’s promoted thoughtful public safety policies like protecting women through better domestic violence protection legislation and smarter and more robust laws to prevent drunk driving. David sponsored and helped pass legislation to increase penalties for DUI vehicular homicide.