To champion our public schools and universities

“Our state constitution is clear – providing a basic education for all students is our paramount duty.” – Sen. David Frockt


EducationWe are billions of dollars away from adequately funding the smaller class sizes, all-day kindergarten, operating costs like technology and textbooks, teacher salaries and everything else that constitute a “basic education” as defined by the Legislature.

In 2014, David co-sponsored legislation that would have created a formal plan to implement the basic education program by 2018. The bill proposed closing about $100 million in unproductive tax loopholes and putting the money into smaller class sizes and into the voter-approved state cost-of-living salary adjustment that teachers have gone without for too many years.

Lowering class size in the early grades, providing all-day kindergarten and early learning, closing the achievement gap, providing adequate compensation to our educators, and making our local districts less reliant on local levies for basic educational expenses, will require leaders to be open to a grand compromise that encompasses both budgeting reform, tax reform and new revenues.

David continues to work fully fund public education. He led the fight for capitol funding for the Seattle Public Schools to relieve overcrowding through the renovation of John Marshall Middle School.


Higher EducationDavid has worked tirelessly to stabilize college tuition rates, to protect the Guaranteed Education Tuition Program for middle class families, to maintain work-study and other financial aid programs, to strengthen the College Bound investment, and to provide more information to students on how to manage student debt. He was recognized as a Legislator of the Year by the Washington Student Association in 2012.

Higher education legislation passed by David includes Senate Bill 6121 which provides a counseling curriculum of information and “best practices” to better prepare students for the long-term debts that they may be taking on to finance their education. He also passed House Bill 2313 which requires more transparency for Regents meetings in the higher education system.   David worked across party lines to add an amendment to the bill that that requires a 21-day notice by Regents before any hearing on potential tuition increases in order to give students more time to organize and respond. He also worked to support North Seattle Community College in its request for funding for its new Technology center.