Our Endorsements for the November General Election – State Senator: David Frockt

Typing “stand-up guy” into Google ought to bring up a photo of state senator David Frockt. He passed the Foreclosure Fairness Act, created a rebate program for low-income public transit riders, and supports raising taxes on the wealthy—instituting a capital gains tax and an income tax, and closing corporate tax loopholes—in order to fund education. He was also the only Democratic legislator who didn’t get flustered and defensive when asked to account for voting in favor of Boeing’s $9 billion tax break. It was a devil’s bargain worth making, he explained. We disagree, but Frockt gets props for offering a somewhat coherent argument to back up his actions. His challenger, Republican Van Sperry, didn’t bother to speak to the SECB. He’s running against “burdensome regulations and taxation.” Vote Frockt.