More funding needed for state education

Sen. Frockt and special committee issue report warning warning the state legislature to pick up the pace at directing more money to improve the state’s schools.

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Training for Today's Job Market

David recently toured Lake Washington Institute of Technology, a two-year college that provides students with hands-on professional and technical training that simulates an actual job environment.

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Thank you Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility!

'I'm grateful to be recognized by the Alliance as a 'star' legislator for legislative and community advocacy related to gun responsibility.' - David Frockt

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Memorial Day, Pass In Review

David had the honor of presiding over this year's UW ROTC (Army, Navy and Air Force) Pass In Review - a long military tradition that began as a way for a newly assigned commander or distinguished visitor to inspect troops.

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Demanding Action for Gun Sense

Sen. Frockt moderated a panel on gun violence awareness day to hear firsthand from survivors. Voiced need to qualify and pass I 1491 - extreme risk protection orders.

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  • That was the longest home run I've ever seen at Safeco -
  • @walkerorenstein Zunino last I saw... I think he was in the low 200s
Latest News
The Stranger • October 16, 2014

Typing “stand-up guy” into Google ought to bring up a photo of state senator David Frockt. He passed the Foreclosure Fairness Act, created a rebate program for low-income public transit riders, and supports raising taxes on the wealthy—instituting a capital gains tax and an income tax, and closing corporate tax loopholes—in order to fund education. Continue Reading »

Bothell-Kenmore Reporter • July 19, 2014

The State Legislature appropriated $300,000 for development of a Town Green or Public Gathering Space as part of the Kenmore Village project.

Forty-sixth District Sen. David Frockt and State Rep. Gerry Pollet and Rep. Jessyn Farrell requested the appropriation on behalf of the city. Continue Reading »

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